The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council’s Annual Reports are a great example of our more extensive page layout and print design skills.

But what we enjoyed most was the challenge of capturing and portraying the underlying messages of environmental conservation through our designs. Since designing our first annual report, we have been involved in many more projects with EMRC including Public Environmental Reviews, custom illustration, event promotion material, invitation design, print advertising, poster design, brochure design, brand identity, and even a ‘special edition’ collection of print materials and stationary design in which to mark their 30th anniversary. One of our more memorable projects for EMRC involved the design takeover of the annual Perth Autumn Festival. For this particular year we explored a specific illustration style, which focused on conveying a multitude of elements from the festival into a line drawn illustrative collage. This particular concept expanded seamlessly across a broad range of event material and advertising. Another highlight involved the Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park, which has been operating since 2008 by EMRC. The brief required us to create an original 'recycle' graphic that also reflected their focus on environmental benefits. We felt that the abstract butterfly shape would not only answer the environmental brief but could also take on the symbolic representation by suggesting an evolution of one thing (caterpillar) to something much more beautiful (butterfly). C4 Concepts is excited to be working with EMRC to maintain a high-quality image in their publications and marketing material.

  • conceptual branding
  • graphic design
  • creative illustration
  • marketing & SEO
  • print solutions

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