Froster Engineering

Rebranding Froster Engineering provided an exciting new challenge for our team. The unique concepts behind the company’s future direction needed to be reflected within the logo itself, and with a 5 year anniversary on the horizon, it became even more important than ever to mark the special occasion with a memorable rebrand.

After much research & planning, the phrases 'Leading architectural harmony' and 'Inspiring positive change for the places we live' were coined, cementing Froster Engineerings core values. Used as a tagline and mission statement, they became a significant motivation in the thought process and development of the new logo concept. Traditionally, engineers, architects and developers do not collaborate well together, often to the detriment of projects through blowouts in time and budget as well as compromises in the end results. Froster Engineering is motivated to change this through leading the way in architectural harmony. As a result, the Froster Engineering triangle was created with its 3 equidistant points collectively angled forwards and upwards to suggest balance, harmony and positive forward thinking amongst these 3 key players. The interwoven effects of the triangle symbolise the construction process with various elements combining together to create a larger, stronger, balanced and more sustainable end product. The negative spaces further emphasise the building process coming together but not yet complete. The icon was combined with a simple, well-balanced and subtly modified sans serif typeface, to deliver a brand identity that is unique, easily recognisable and perfectly connected to the everything that the company represents. The website design, which also incorporated these brand values, continued Froster’s unique visual style by utilising angular elements as a way to connect and also separate certain sections of the site. It was crucial to our design concept that these visual elements and key messages from the logo design would form an essential part of the ongoing brand language, both into the digital marketing as well as print materials.

  • conceptual branding
  • graphic design
  • web & app development
  • marketing & SEO
  • print solutions

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