Reflections Through Reality

Reflections Through Reality was founded in 2015 to promote and fund medical research into a cure for mesothelioma, increase awareness of the risks of asbestos in the community and support fellow sufferers.

The new Reflections brand identity stemmed from early experimentation with abstract lungs and butterfly illustrations. Lungs represent the primary organ effected by Mesothelioma, while butterflies are well known for representing love, caring, freedom and transformation as well as second chances. By taking a simplistic form of the human lungs, an abstract overlapping icon was developed, perfectly symmetrical to honour the ‘Reflections’ name. Each of the three overlapping lines were allocated a brand colour that would become representative of the three key service areas offered by the foundation. These contoured lines add a free flowing playfulness to the brand while providing a useful way of keeping the logo away from a ‘clinical’ and overly corporate feel. Fibres and linear shapes as well as subtle blue and yellow colours are quite commonly seen within microscopic images of asbestos. This free-formed logo style also gives a sense of flexibility, energy and movement within the foundation, whilst having visual ties to medical imaging and mapping. The new website for Reflections is currently under development, however upon release the finished product will strategically achieve its goals of promoting awareness, providing support and facilitating all important donations.

  • conceptual branding
  • graphic design
  • web & app development
  • marketing & SEO
  • print solutions

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