Secret Harbour Golf Links

The rebrand of 'Secrets Golf Links By The Sea' quickly became a studio favourite as it traversed new territory, while taking many risks to creating a uniquely recognisable and modern approach to golf course branding.

The contoured lines and their specific colours were created to reflect the coastal proximity that has become a unique attribute to the Secrets location. The top two blue lines represent the sunny West Australian sky. The green indicates the golf green (and surrounding vegetation). The yellow is an indication of sandy links, the sand bunkers, and the costal beach areas that surround the course. The bottom blue lines represent the ocean water and conclude the complete environmental and geographic representation. Lines or linear design can often represent a journey. In this case we wanted to show variations of a journey to illustrate that the course can be played in many different ways and with different outcomes. The free flowing and natural shapes as opposed to rigid lines and corporate structure add an element of friendliness and playfulness to help steer away from a traditional corporate identity. The minimalism used within the logo was purposefully created to allow for manipulation over a wide range of applications, whilst still being strong enough to maintain the core identity. This allowed the brand to evolve and extend through the 6 core areas (golf links, foot golf, bar & restaurant, pro shop, weddings & functions and driving range), ultimately creating a unified family of recognisable icons for each sub-area of the business. This holistic design then provided strength and flexibility to be applied across a large amount of applications including patterns, vehicle wraps, signage, menus, fabrication, packaging and product design.

  • conceptual branding
  • graphic design
  • web & app development
  • marketing & SEO
  • print solutions

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