Sunset Supper Club

Sunset Supper Club has been an ongoing and rewarding partnership as it provided us with opportunities to create a brand identity, website, and marketing materials for a unique startup business concept.

The Sunset Supper Club is described as a destination for all community members to embrace, enjoy and experience, with great-tasting food, music and culture from all corners of the globe. This idea is executed as ongoing nightly or daily events that occur throughout Perth’s metro areas. The Sunset Supper Club granted us a wide scope of branding and marketing solutions across an extensive range of physical and digital applications. From large-scale door signage on shopping centres, shipping container wraps, membership cards, even the creation of patterned colouring-in sheets for the younger audience. The pairing of a well executed design strategy, informative website and digital marketing campaign all assisted in the creation of a successful and thriving events company.

  • conceptual branding
  • graphic design
  • web & app development
  • creative illustration
  • marketing & SEO
  • print solutions

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