Super Blinds Mart

Super Blinds Mart required both a rebrand and a new website design to help bring their business into the 21st Century and remain competitive in the world of ecommerce.

As their products become more sophisticated and contemporary with time, so to the Super Blinds Mart brand focus needed to evolve, projecting trust, modern minimalism and a customer-friendly feel. The brand itself played on the ‘Super’ element by using the well known angular ‘S’ shape that has become synonymous with superheroes. We also wanted to tell the consumer exactly what the company sold without needing to read a single word. This is where the integration of the blinds and pull cord really solidified the concept. By keeping the design as minimal as possible we were able to convey a lot of things without looking complicated or out-dated.

  • conceptual branding
  • web & app development

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